Take Back Your Power To Be Heard

½ Day Workshops

Do you:

  • Become frustrated when people don’t understand you?
  • Find it difficult to say no without offending others?
  • Tell yourself stories of why people behave as they do?
  • Dread raising difficult issues that inevitably cause conflict?
  • Misread non-verbal cues, thus ending up misunderstanding others?
  • Feel anxious that your needs will not be met despite you raising them?
  • Find yourself unable to manage your emotions in difficult conversations?
  • Avoid conflict at all cost?

Who should attend?

Team Leaders
Business Owners
Individuals committed to being successful communicators

Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions?

Than JOIN US for this ½ day introductory workshop and become a exquisite communicator with psychologist, best selling author and trainer, Clare Mann.


Karstens Conference Centre
The Rocks, Sydney
NSW 2000


1:00pm to 5:30pm


$295.00 inc GST.

What People Say

“Clare Mann is the master of insight. She can discern the phony from the real and
can teach us to do it as well.”

Doug Wead
Presidential Advisor & Bestselling Author

‘Congratulations on a very professionally run and enjoyable workshop. I found some great insights into myself, other people and communications in general. I have been to other communications and presentation events in the past, but none touched upon the more human and genuine side of the art’.

Steven – Macquarie Bank