How to Avoid ‘Revertigo’ at Christmas and Make Your Own Choices

How to Avoid ‘Revertigo’ at Christmas and Make Your Own Choices

Each of has a choice of how we respond to festivals such as Christmas. You don’t have to buy into any stress and hassle that others may impose at this time of year. Remember, you have choice of how to respond to individual and collective expectations.

‘Revertigo’ Article and Radio Interview
Following a recent article in Australia’s Yours Magazine (PDF attached), Wendy Harmer of ABC Radio interviewed me on the topic of ‘Revertigo’. This is the humorous name given to the tendency of family members to ‘revert’ to typical and bad behaviour at Christmas.

In both the article and radio interview, I managed to get in some key points about choice and freedom of how to manage oneself and others at traditional times:

  1. We have choice over what we do.
  2. Freedom lies in identifying the myths and unquestioned assumptions of our own and others’ behaviour.
  3. It’s our job to ‘educate others’ how to treat us.
  4. Festivals like Christmas offer the opportunity to examine ourselves and the extent to which we deny we have choices or can’t see where they are.

I hope you find this both humorous and valuable – using it as a springboard from which to negotiate traditional holidays on your terms!