The Anxiety of Overwhelm

The Anxiety of Overwhelm

Anxiety often results when we have unrealistic expectations or timescales of what we think we must, should or ought to be doing.

Modern living has become so busy that many of us feel overwhelmed at how we can do it all and have time to reflect on what we want our lives to be like.

At worse, we may feel inadequate or weak when we become anxious since people around might seem to sail through with little difficulty. This sense of inferiority or lack in ourselves lowers our self esteem thus increasing our anxiety, resulting in panic or its counterpart, depression.

I ask my clients suffering from anxiety or panic atacks, ‘What is this trying to tell you about your life choices? What are you doing that might contribute to your anxiety or what are you refusing to look at in your life?

By understanding the language of your panic and anxiety, you can strat to make changes to your life or beliefs that will liberate you and help you live more pleasurably.