Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy – a favourable partnership

Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy – a favourable partnership

Mindefulness Philosophy and Cognitive Therapy, when integrated, provide a refreshing way of overcoming difficulties.

Cognitive therapy focuses on identifying thinking patterns and developing ways in which they can be constructive and positive. When this happens, an individual’s sense of wellbeing changes, as they feel better and ‘see the glass half full rather than half empty‘.

Thus, they are more open to seeking positive solutions or, for example, in conversations or relationships, not jumping to conclusions through typical negative or intransigent thought patterns.

Mindfulness and cognitive therapy encourages clients further to become more present and self-reflective on their and other people’s behaviour, a key apsect of thinking patterns.
Including Mindfulness is a more holistic approach to self understanding and mastery and has far-reaching positive effects on wellbeing and social interactions.